Vintage Hotel Lobby in Old Montreal - Uville Hotel

Vintage Hotel Lobby in Old Montreal

Vintage Hotel Lobby in Old Montreal

Classic decor and a historic exhibit transport you to another time, another place.

Your journey begins at arrival in our Uville Lobby. Our interactive U-Concierge portal guides you through a web of activities curated especially for you while our funky hotel guides help you discover what every square inch of the hotel has to offer.

Get into the groove at the Saint-Laurent Lounge and sample a classic brew with a Montreal Smoked Meat slider. If it’s too early for a brew, then have an ice-cream float, or lemonade!

Drop in for a popsicle or penny candy. Life’s short… live it up.

Loitering is encouraged in the Uville Lobby. Draw with an Etch-o-sketch or play a game of Scrabble and discover what people did before Facebook. Or just hang out with us and share your favorite memories of the 60s and 70s. Whether you want to relive the past or wish you had, there is something for you at Uville.


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June 21, 2019