Peace, Love & Desserts at U67 - Uville Hotel

Peace, Love & Desserts at U67

Peace, Love & Desserts at U67

Welcome to our dessert, coffee, hot chocolate and cocktail bar in Old Montreal.

Montreal is a unique destination. Our joie de vivre is part of our DNA… but why is it so? What shaped our city and how has it influenced the world?

Take the time to delve into a great conversation at our lobby bar over one of a kind cocktails, privately imported wines or a perfect coffee at breakfast. You’ll be surrounded by groovy decor and an inspiring exhibit on Montreal in the 60s and 70s.

Set with a great view of the Youville park in Old Montreal, the lounge area is a fine place to enjoy breakfast, work, share a pot of tea or have late night talks around a nice bottle of wine or an exquisite Scotch. Cheers!


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March 14, 2019

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