Guest Rooms that Speak to You - Uville Hotel

Guest Rooms that Speak to You

Guest Rooms that Speak to You

Every room tells a unique story of Montreal. It’s like visiting a museum but much more exciting.

Uville Hotel’s 33 themed guest rooms have a cool vintage look and are as cozy as a Sunday morning.

Aside from the comfortable bed and all the modern amenities you expect in a luxury hotel, every Uville guest room offers a slice of the past through in-room exclusive and curated content.

Spin a few vinyls on your record player and rediscover sounds of the 60s. Explore the photos, the artwork and the fascinating objects in your room. Surf the past on your color TV with our Uville App and peruse an extensive library of videos, clips, documentaries, interesting facts and tidbits about Montreal in the 60s and 70s. Our partnership with the National Film Board lets you dive into our fascinating past to better explore the city. It will add flavor to all of your Montreal moments.

Every room has a different theme so come often to get the full story.


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March 18, 2019